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Security Options

At Carl Cox RV we will be happy to discuss your financial and protection needs.

Life Insurance Benefits: In the event something unexpected happens ( i.e. death) it pays out the insured balance of your financial obligation to the lein holder. Premium costs are the same for all ages and occupations.

Critical Illness Benefits: Pays off the remaining insured balance of the loan obligation to the financial institution if diagnosed with any of the following - Life Threatening Cancer, Heart Attack, Coronary Artery By-Pass, Stroke, Major Organ Transplant or Paralysis

Sickness and Injury Benefits: Payment Protection relief as result of a sickness or injury whether short or long term.

Gap Insurance Benefits: Your vehicle's real value will decline faster than the balance you owe on your loan. This could leave you liable for thousands of dollars of financial liability (or negative equity) in the event that your vehicle is written off due to fire, theft or accident that is over and above what your insurance policy will payout.

* Gap Insurance Brochure

Diamond Kote Warranty: These products have been created to protect your new vehicle or trailer from damaging effects of the widest extremes of climate and indemnified by Industrial Alliance Pacific General.

* Diamond-Kote Brochure

Extended Warranty: Protection from unexpected repair bills down the road. SAL Protection Plan's peace of mind doesn't end with repair coverage/services. The choice is yours and it's available with either new or pre-owned trailers and motorhomes.

Travel Trailers Extended Warranty Brochure

Motor Homes Extended Warranty Brochure

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